Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tonight: Aaron Behrens (of Ghostland Observatory) @ Beauty Bar

Aaron Behrens at Beauty Bar
If you didn't have the funds or transportation to be a part of Ghostland Observatory's two-night stand at the Whitewater Amphitheatre in New Braunfels last weekend, here's your chance to get your fill of charismatic frontman Aaron Behrens on the cheap. Except, you'll be seeing a totally different side of the braided-haired one than you're used to. Behrens will be playing a solo acoustic set tonight at Beauty Bar. True to his small-town Texas roots, Behrens is a little bit country when he's not being a daft punk who dances like Michael in front of festival-sized crowds. Check out the live video below that a fan took at Behrens' solo gig last May at the Hole In The Wall. That's his backing band The Dirty Banquet (a.k.a Prayer For Animals) playing behind Behrens. Tonight's set, however, is entirely solo. No Banquet backing.

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