Monday, July 13, 2009

Poster of the Week: EZ Action @ Beauty Bar

EZ Action poster
EZ Action @ Beauty Bar [Tues. July 14]

Beauty Bar. I have to admit I have a love-hate relationship with this place. I've discovered some great bands there, not to mention I've been able to film some awesome shows (Octopus Project on the Fourth of July comes to mind). But it has an obnoxious hipster reputation for a reason. And on weekends, the bartenders can be a bit snobby in their choice of who to serve and how quickly. But during the week, when the place is less crowded, Beauty Bar has a chill and inviting atmosphere. Nardo's Monday Night Alright series, with its diverse assortment of obscure but always pleasing electronica and indie rock artists, is a good example (UPDATE: MNA now takes place at the Parish). And then there's EZ Action, the legendary Tuesday night dance party set to the rock 'n roll '60s sensibilities of DJ Scorpio. There's a lesson in branding to be learned from EZ Action (besides the adage sex sells). When you're walking down Red River and you see a wall full of handbills and ads, you can spot the EZ Action poster from yards away. The consistent fonts and a penchant for vintage pinups and playful eroticism make it the most recognizable poster series in town. Checkout a few more examples below, and visit EZ Action's MySpace page for the whole bunch.

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EZ Action montage

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Victoria said...

Hey, the music on this night is mostly glam and 70's punk with not a whole lot of 60's music. DJ Scorpio has guest DJ's who vary up the styles a bit though.

Thanks for mentioning the posters. I make them. Most of the content comes from a top secret vintage porn page.

-V. Fox

Ian Morales said...

I feel what you said about Beauty Bar. You should mention Creekside, the place where people who think they are too grown up for Beauty Bar graduate to.