Wednesday, July 29, 2009

'NITES 2008 Revisited: A Pocketful of Deng

Bands are constantly coming and going in Austin. Sometimes, they break up. Sometimes they just change names (several times). I started filming bands exactly a year ago, so I thought it would be nice to do a "where are they now?" sort of segment. All this week, I'll bring you a video I shot in July 2008 along with an update on the band. And stick around, because next week 'NITES returns from a summer break with all new videos of the best local bands.

Superlitebike promoA Pocketful of Deng

Late last year, A Pocketful of Deng lost a member and gained a new outlook. The band's sound had been evolving anyway, but when they added multi-instrumentalist Chris Heckendorn (formerly of The War Against Sleep) to fill the void, the band realized they were a whole new entity. After five years as the Deng gang, the band changed its name to SuperLiteBike. It's four of the same five guys, but this band is a lot more dynamic and willing to experiment with different styles and sounds. They still play some of their old songs (by old, I mean stuff they wrote last year).

In addition to the new name and sound, SuperLiteBike also has the best promotion style of any band in Austin (or, at least, the most entertaining). When you have a minute, check out the band's video page on MySpace. For every upcoming SLB show, local filmmaker J.J. Castillo creates episodic video fliers with a sense of humor that alternates between subtly quirky and ridiculously over-the-top.

Catch SuperLiteBike tonight at Mohawk with La Guerilla. In the meantime, here's a video I shot last year...

Related link: MP3: SuperLiteBike's "Unbelievable Party! Cool."

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archbold said...

Preston Dukes (w/ Tim Bond) has been making video fliers for his shows for a while now. they're often pretty funny.

and i didn't know that Deng changed names. wish someone would have told me sooner. haven't seen them in a long while.