Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MP3: Rhythm of Black Lines, a Band I Kinda Wish was Still Around

Rhythm of Black LinesRhythm of Black Lines was a little bit before my time as an Austinite (but way ahead of its time as a band). They formed in 1999 as an experimental post-punk/progressive quintet and had a few average-to-subpar releases on the local label Sixgunlover Records. They broke up in 2004, but not before releasing an amazing record called Human Hand, Animal Band. The album was released on Gold Standard Laboratories, a record label that I wish was still around but was shuttered, unfortunately, by partners Sonny Kay and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (of The Mars Volta) a couple years ago. Human Hand takes indie rock and filters it through off-kilter, manic circus-like atmospherics. The album features some long-form jams with quiet moments and booming swells, as well as tightly crafted pop (relatively speaking) songs. The vocals sound exaggeratedly whiny and cartoonish at times, but they're tastefully obnoxious, if that makes any sense. If that doesn't, you can listen for yourself:


Download [right-click, Save As]

So where are they now? The band's principal songwriter and vocalist Clint Newsom fronts Brooklyn indie band The Minetta, whose sound is just as weird but not as powerful as ROBL's. I know what you're thinking: An Austinite moving to hipster mecca Brooklyn, New York? I don't believe it! Well, it's true. Meanwhile, guitarist Omar Chavez's Austin band AM Syndicate is good, even if they sound like ROBL Lite. And then there was the short-lived Dazzling King Solomon Band, which according to a dead MySpace page was comprised of "2 half mexicans, one full blooded mexican that can't speak spanish and mr. yakles."

Yeah... Mr. Yakles. Check out more of Rhythm of Black Lines on MySpace.

So.... Who are some local bands that you wish were still around? Please comment below or shoot me an e-mail to nites [at] because I'm curious. If I'm convinced, I might post about it down the line and give you credit.

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shawn said...

Tim O'Neill is the shit. Rhythm of Black Lines is a band I DEFINITELY wish was still around. Thankfully I have there albums to listen to and Tim is creating great music with others.