Wednesday, July 1, 2009

INsite Night: Mike Truth & The Replacement Killers

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INsite AustinThe legendary Mike Truth (formerly of punk-hop cult heroes Rubberhed) and his new band, The Replacement Killers, have an appropriate message for today's Austin -- an Austin that sadly comes equipped with confusing noise ordinances and Live Music Task Force officials who call 911 to complain about, guess what, live music. And that message? Don't you stop it, don't you stop, stop the music. Tell 'em, Mike, because I don't think they understand. This video was shot at the May 2 INsite Night at Red Eyed Fly. It was a dual celebration, as it was the Mike Truth CD-release party and One-Eyed Doll's homecoming show after a long East Coast tour. Rock goddess Kimberly Freeman makes a cameo in this video, as does INsite Austin owner Sean Claes. Clearly, he rocks like Slayer.

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