Sunday, July 26, 2009

His Name is DavidJr.Com... Surprise!

DavidJr by PhiveA masked DavidJr waits patiently in this photo by Phive Photography.

One of the best aspects of attending a live show is the possibility for spontaneity and unscripted moments. Or even better: scripted moments when the lead singer (in this case the gorgeous metal goddess Kimberly Freeman) doesn't know there's a script.

On Friday, One-Eyed Doll (featured many times on this blog) headlined the monthly INsite Night concert series at Stubb's BBQ. If you haven't seen a One-Eyed Doll show (and why haven't you?!), Ms. Freeman has a little routine she goes through before the last song. It involves bringing an unsuspecting fan up on stage for a hard-hitting surprise. Literally. According to INsite Austin's owner Sean Claes, who was once a sacrificial fan, Kimberly has a pretty solid slap.

But this time, the surprise was on Kimberly.

Have you heard of If not, he's only one of the most entertaining and skilled guerrilla videographers around. He lives in New York City and uses the Big Apple's red carpet events and media frenzies as his comedic playground. Recent claims to fame: Asking Al Gore about UFOs, getting Star Trek director J.J. Abrams to say "Live long and prosper" on camera, and asking Fight Club star Edward Norton to hit him as hard as he can. He also directed a music video for One-Eyed Doll and filmed Kimberly's solo live DVD. DavidJr really upped his game this time around. Though he lives in NYC, he decided it had been too long since he visited his good friends One-Eyed Doll. Watch...

Only in Austin could he pull this off. I was up against the stage filming for most of the set, and I had seen this masked stranger standing about five feet from me and I never thought anything of it. Nor did anyone else in the crowd. Keep Austin Weird is more than just a money-making bumper sticker. It's also the reason why no one in this town is particularly bothered or surprised when they see a masked man in a dress on a Friday night.

After the show, I asked DavidJr how he managed to fly all the way from NYC to Austin unannounced and not get discovered by his many friends in Austin. He did have a couple people in on it, including uber-talented local photographer Phive. But he did have to dive behind some bushes at a nearby restaurant to avoid detection at one point, much to a startled waitress' dismay. God, I love this kind of stuff! Good job, man.

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Yes..Phive. said...

Awesome write-up and amazing footage man! Thanks for the shout-out bro! It was cool hanging out as well.

All the Best,