Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bojones, a Band I (Kinda) Wish was Still Around

Ever wonder what happened to that one band? You know, that band you happened to stumble upon while barhopping? Or maybe it was a case of the opener stealing the show from the headliner. You thought Damn, these guys are really good. Who are they? Maybe you looked 'em up on MySpace. But they soon drifted from your memory. Until one day, a few years later, you think What ever happened to (insert band)? Well, I've had that experience with a few local and regional acts, so everyone once in a while 'NITES will have a flashback and write about a band that I (kinda) wish was still around.

Bojones promoBOJONES

Bojones was a bluesy/psychedelic pop-rock trio comprised of recent high school graduates from Houston. The vocal skills of frontman Nicholas Greer were pretty rough. The kid could've used some voice lessons, for sure. But there was no denying his virtuosic piano skills and knack for finding interesting melodies on a keyboard. Bojones was only around for two years (2004 to 2006, roughly) but it was just enough time for the band to put out an album and an EP, and play opening slots at Bonaroo and ACL Fest. Okay, maybe the festival gigs had something to do with the fact that the drummer and guitarist, both brothers, are the sons of Louis Messina. If the name doesn't ring a bell, Messina is a former Clear Channel executive and is the founder of AEG Live, the second-largest concert promotion company in the world. Yeah. This is not to take away from Bojones. The dudes could really play. Their self-titled (and self-released) debut album sounds mature, both musically and lyrically -- impressive, given that the ink on their high school diplomas was still drying when they recorded it.

So where are they now? I'm not sure about Greer, but the Messina bros went on to help form the charismatic glam-rock quartet Electric Touch, a band that's building its reputation with boisterous stage presence and radio-ready tunes. You can check out Electric Touch tonight at Emo's. In the meantime, here's a track from Bojones' 2005 album (which, as far as I know, is still available at Waterloo Records). I bought this album after they opened for Cruiserweight at Stubb's and stole the show. This song is the album closer, an intricate 12-minute piano/guitar/drum jam with damning lyrics about a father who abandons his son. Kind of a blues rock opera. It's called "The Soldier and the Holy Ghost". Enjoy.

Download: "The Soldier and the Holy Ghost"

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. For me the band was Lomita. I first saw them on the now non-existing METV. I really liked their music and really cool videos. I then went to see them live and damn they were even better. I don't know what happen to the band or members. I wish they would re-unite again. My favorite songs was "Broken Boy."