Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Album Review: Spoon - 'Got Nuffin' EP

Spoon Got NuffinThe menacing and methodical drum beat, the jagged guitar tone, and the heavy pulsating bass line that comprise the first 20 seconds of "Got Nuffin" are remarkably reminiscent of Joy Division, but the vocals and lyrics are unmistakably Spoon's. "I got nothing to lose," singer Britt Daniel squeals with rising intonation placed on the word lose. Apparently, they don't. Because a band with a lesser reputation and fewer laurels to rest on wouldn't try to sell you a five-dollar EP that has essentially just two songs on it (and two noise tracks). Luckily, we're in the age of iTunes (not to mention Rapidshare). Definitely download the title track; it kicks ass, especially if you're into that drony post-punk/new-wave sound.

The next track, the instrumental "Tweakers", sounds like someone ripped the audio from a Youtube video that was recorded on a camera phone. It's a simple yet catchy little percussion-based ditty. I can't help but think this track is more of a hint than a song. Maybe the beat will return on a full-length album, surrounded by more instrumentation and recorded in proper quality. A remix of the track is also included, which features vocals, but not much else.

The third song, "Stroke Their Brains", is average in sound and performance, but above average in length, unfortunately, clocking in at six minutes. Basically, this EP is for Spoon fanatics and completists, since there's only one song out of four worth listening to more than once. But unleashing silly experimental tracks and subpar b-sides is kind of the point of releasing a surprise EP, especially days before a three-night concert stand in your hometown. People will be talking about it. That's for sure.

Catch Spoon live as they play three consecutive nights at Stubb's outdoor stage starting tomorrow. Click here for a list of openers and other info.

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Ian Morales said...

I listened to it finally and I must say I was disappointed. I only liked one song. Still, I agree with you that it was a great marketing campaign.