Thursday, July 30, 2009

Album Review: Denitia Odigie - 'Brick by Brick' EP

Though based in Nashville, Tennessee, earnest heart-on-her-sleeve singer-songwriter Denitia Odigie follows more closely in the footsteps of the guitar-strumming songstresses you're likely to read about in Paste Magazine than watch on the Grand Ole Opry. Her breathy, sultry voice is complimented by gentle acoustic guitars and occasional electric guitar noodling. And with lines like "you're predictable, but you're running out of fools" and "don't be a heartbreaker; it's not sexy anymore", Odigie's lyrics are likely to resonate with heartsick 20-something indie-pop fans.

Still, there are hints of Nashville throughout the four-song Brick by Brick EP. The chorus of the title track, for instance, features some twangy electric guitar. But it's so low in the mix that it works more as a compliment than a distraction. And during the first verse of the closer, "Oh Well", Odigie's vocal style is reminiscent of the jazz singer Susannah McCorkle, not an influence you'd necessarily expect from a Nashville songwriter. This is tasteful pop music: the product of a modern ear and a world-wise iTunes library, mixed with hints of Odigie's country-music-capital hometown.

You can catch Denitia Odigie (pronounced Dah-NEE-Sha Oh-DEE-Jee) this Saturday at Flipnotics. Her Brick by Brick EP is available on iTunes.

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