Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poster of the Week: Girl In A Coma @ Emo's

girl in a coma poster
Girl In A Coma and The Boxing Lesson @ Emo's [Sat. June 6]

Do I need to explain why this poster kicks so much ass? I'm just picturing how sweet this poster of a stylized zombie girl would look printed out on glossy professional poster stock. And the simple yet stylish background is nice. The colors pop on this poster unlike anything I've seen lately.

The lineup is pretty good too. The Boxing Lesson, a.k.a. the hardest-working bullet-dodgingest space-rockers this side of the moon, open for San Antonio chick trio Girl In A Coma. Speaking of trios, the band just released their new full-length this week called Trio BC. It sounds pretty good, especially if you dig The Smiths. That's clearly the sound these girls are going for.

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