Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poster of the Week: The Dispositions @ Red Eyed Fly

Dispositions at Red Eyed Fly
The Dispositions @ Red Eyed Fly [Friday, June 19]

This poster for The Dispositions' show on Friday is almost too elegant. It's intricate yet minimalistic. It fits with their sound, which is like orchestral acoustic emo. The Dispositions' music is soft and thoughtful, but a bit melodramatic, just like this poster. Piano, cello, and horns all gently texture their mournful, cathartic songs. It makes for good headphones-at-night music. But I'm not sure how it would translate live. Also playing: Rude Rachel, Krash Karma, Stars Collide.

Boxing Lesson at GuerosThe Boxing Lesson @ Guero's [Sat. June 20]

This week's runner-up is the Miami Vice-ish flier for an early Saturday show at Guero's Taco Bar. Go for the melted queso; stick around to get your face melted by local space-rockers The Boxing Lesson. This poster was designed by the band's keyboardist and feline-enthusiast Jaylinn Davidson. This poster is sexy and vibrant, just like the new tunes this band has been debuting at their live shows lately. Don't miss out. View previous Poster of the Week entries.

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