Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview: Bankrupt and the Borrowers and "Holden Caulfield"

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bankrupt tourBankrupt and the Borrowers, a band that's received much press on this blog, embarks on a six-week tour of the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest starting today. They're playing the Mink in Houston tonight. I sat down with the Borrowers recently to ask them about a song that's gotten them some notoriety at their shows: "Holden Caulfield at Age 35"

If you're not familiar, the song's lyrics depict a night of alcohol- and cocaine-fueled debauchery with a hooker on the Mexican border, presumably a flash-forward in the life of the iconic troubled teenager Holden Caulfield (protagonist of the novel The Catcher in the Rye). Since the East Austin quartet once described their music as "junkie rock written by guys who were never junkies" I wanted to know what inspired the song and how it's become a phenomenon that causes fans (guys and girls) to sing along. The second half of the video features an exclusive live montage video of the song.

By the way, the band's drummer Osteo will be keeping a tour blog for this summer excursion. Keep up with their drunken shenanigans here.

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