Monday, June 1, 2009

Austin Vida: Rudo Y Cursi Soundtrack [review]

rudo y cursiThe first time I pressed play on Rudo Y Cursi, the CD soundtrack to the Carlos Cuaron film of the same name, I instantly had flashbacks to the quinceañeras and weddings of my childhood in small-town California. I could almost smell the aroma of carne asada and picture the sight of girls in puffy pink shimmery dresses and guys with black velvet cowboy hats. And most importantly, I could hear the ever-present sound of up-tempo accordions, blaring horns, and oohmpa-oohmpa bass. Yes, norteño music.

During that first listen, I hadn’t yet seen the movie, which reunites Mexican superstars Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal for the first time since their breakout film Y Tu Mama Tambien. But something seemed suspicious about a norteño track opening the soundtrack, which is produced by Latin indie genius Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound). And then the vocals came in....

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