Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tonight: Fifteen Bands for Five Dollars at the Hole In The Wall

bankrupt tour poster
Yeah, it's cliche to call Austin the Live Music Capital of the World, but God damn it, what else are you supposed to call a city when on any given night you can be treated to something like what the Hole In The Wall has planned for you this evening?! Starting at 6, the Hole will feature 15 bands across its three stages for $5. That's eight hours of live music at one of the best bars in town, so bring some earplugs and a designated driver.

This massive show is a fundraiser for Bankrupt and the Borrowers, who will embark on an epic tour next month that will see them playing in the Deep South, the Northeast, and the Midwest over the course of six blood-, sweat-, and beer-soaked weeks. As the name implies, these dudes are broke; they need gas money and lucky for them (and us), they have plenty of friends willing to step up and play a great show.

Bankrupt and the Borrowers are headlining the show and are scheduled to hit the stage at 1am. A couple of 'NITES-featured bands are playing (Like Dogs, The Bread), as well as a ton of other kick-ass local bands. Check the poster.

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