Friday, May 29, 2009

Shots Fired Near Emo's After Fight Erupts at Spiros Nightclub

It's 5:30 in the morning and I'm watching the local TV news, trying to learn more about what the fuck just happened. All I'm getting is a painfully annoying reminder of how fake and soulless TV newscasts are. Ugh.

What I learned about two hours ago, via Facebook and Twitter, is that gunshots were fired in front of Spiros nightclub on Red River (between 6th and 7th Streets). The club is next to Emo's, where local band The Boxing Lesson and out-of-towners Von Iva and Gliss had played.

It was just after 2am and the bands were loading their vans when a fight broke out in front of Spiros about 20 feet away. Early eyewitness reports have eight or more shots being fired and six people being hit. None of the wounded were Emo's patrons, and no one was fatally wounded.

But why am I talking? I wasn't there. This is what Gliss had to say:

So tonight we played at Emo's in Austin. The night was amazing, until we started loading out and somebody started shooting. People were screaming, and running into the club to hide. Our van was right in the front, so we ran out there and took off. There were people in the street bleeding everywhere and screaming. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. We are at the hotel right now. Just spoke to our friends who were also loading out. They are not allowed to leave because there is blood all over their van - Evidence....

We didn't even check our van, we just jumped in and drove down a one-way street, in the wrong direction, but we just needed to get away. There was a guy right by our van screaming "I have been shot, I have been shot."

It's so crazy, the shooting happened right as we opened the door. If we had gone out there just 5 secs earlier, we would have been shot. That's mental.....

It's a bit quiet in the hotel room now.

Happy to be alive.

Source: Gliss blog on iLike

There's some really harrowing details on Facebook and Twitter right now. I won't attribute this post because I don't want to (completely) violate the privacy of whoever wrote it (Facebook is semi-private, after all). But it does a lot to paint the picture:

My truck just got released from the crime scene right in front of Emo's. The hood is covered in blood and chunks. There were several pools of blood on the sidewalk and in front of my truck on the street. wtf? austin?

I'll update the blog as more info comes in. You know, once the Statesman gets off its downsized ass and gets one of its five remaining reporters to cover it.

Red River shootout, indeed.

UPDATE #1: Apparently, the shots were fired by two members of a La Grange, Texas rap group who had been kicked out of the club minutes earlier.

From the Statesman: The 2:15 a.m. shooting happened after the LG All Starz, who were scheduled to play Thursday at the club, at 611 Red River St., were kicked out, police said. ... “They showed up late and wanted me to cut off one of the headliners,” said Ramone “Sicc” Stewart, who has been promoting rap shows in Austin for two years. “When I said ‘no way,’ one of ‘em took a swing at me and the bouncers threw them out.”

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The Peen Scene said...

ugh, I remember the good ol' days when APD were the only ones shooting people. like the band member said "wtf? austin?"

Anonymous said...

From a "soulless" Austin TV station, here's more info.

Sarah said...

i left immediately after the show and the cops were in front of plush arresting 2 guys. but that was before the shooting right? crazyness.

uselessgoo said...

FYI: there was a fight between some ladies in the street yelling at each other right before this happened. my band loaded out and left the scene 2 minutes before the shots were fired.