Monday, May 11, 2009

Austin Vida: Buena Vista Social Club [review]

Buena Vista Social ClubIn 1996, American guitarist and producer Ry Cooder was dispatched to Cuba by World Circuit Records to record with African musicians, but when he arrived in Havana he was told that the musicians from Mali were unable to acquire passports. Having already booked studio time, Cooder and the label decided to utilize the local session musicians already hired on for the project, as well as a few others, to record traditional Cuban son music (a genre that mixes Spanish song and guitar with African rhythms and percussion). What resulted was the 1997 landmark album Buena Vista Social Club, an international smash hit selling 8 million copies to date and winning multiple Grammys. More than a decade later, World Circuit has released a live album featuring this once-in-a-lifetime group of musicians.

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