Friday, April 3, 2009

Some SXSW 2009 Photos

Reason #82 why everyone should have a creative hobby: You might get pretty damned good at it.

Mary Rehak, a local blogger and content coordinator at Chillville on 101X, snapped some really sweet photos during South By Southwest. I've been wanting a digital SLR camera so bad, so I can take these kinds of shots. This is really good stuff. Check out all of Mary's SXSW '09 photos here. Here's a sampling:

You don't always need professional gear. Local music lover Jennifer Leduc proves this almost every night. I've seen her taking pictures with a pocket-sized hand-held consumer camera. I have a similar one, but my pics always look crappy. Jennifer has managed to get photos that look almost SLR-quality from a camera that costs a third of the price of the cheapest prosumer SLRs. Here are a couple of her SXSW photos of Electric Touch.

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The Peen Scene said...

we have a few sets of pictures from the festival too. holla!