Thursday, April 9, 2009

Music Video: "I Love You Baby"

Lauren and Tiffanie of Follow That Bird! put it best when they said "Thanks for being part of one of the greatest Sundays of our lives." I can't tell you how much Lone Star and MD 20/20 was consumed on this day. Nor can I tell you how the hell a Target shopping cart ended up on the lawn. And I'm pretty sure my car wasn't meant to hold three Bridge Farmers, a Borrower, and a couple of other drunkards, but it did. This was a fun day.

A few months ago, I filmed a no-budget lo-fi music video for Bankrupt and the Borrowers. They got a bunch of their friends in on the act. Six bands total. One continuous shot. Everyone present was either drunk, hungover, or some combination of the two. I have no idea how we pulled it off, but we did. So here is my music video debut...

P.S. It's supposed to look all shaky and low rent like that.

Click here to watch the video in a new window.

I also took a little time to cut together a "behind-the-scenes" making-of video. Check out the shenanigans...

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Margaret said...

Awesome video and awesome song. Good work Ajay!