Monday, April 13, 2009

Episode#30: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

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nites30...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Epic band name, epic band. Now a sextet, Trail of Dead started more than a decade ago as the duo of Washington transplants Conrad Keely and Jason Reece. Last winter, Keely and Reece played a couple of shows in this minimalistic Trail of Dead lineup, with help from guitarist Kevin Allen at this Red 7 show. A major criticism of this band's recent recorded material is that it's too pompous and grandiose. Over-produced, even. It might be refreshing for anyone who feels that way to see Trail of Dead songs performed by half the amount of players. And because it was the holiday season, and because it's Austin, there was definitely a weird festive vibe in the air. Enough to inspire cameos by Santa, Jesus, and a cute reindeer girl.

Recorded on December 13, 2008, at Red 7. This episode includes the songs "Ounce of Prevention", "Another Morning Stoner", and "Will You Smile Again?" For more songs from this set, visit my Youtube page.

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