Monday, April 6, 2009

Episode#29: Los Bad Apples

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nites29Los Bad Apples are a Latin/hip-hop hybrid super-group of sorts. The group was founded by a former member of Grupo Fantasma (Joseph Serrato) and is accompanied by bassist Aldo Ramon (Kumbia Kings, Menudo), acclaimed Austin underground emcee Zeale, and trained Bossa Nova vocalist Anita Benner. The group also features DJ Chicken George spinning during live sets on occasion. Unlike rap-rock, which always felt forced and awkward, cross pollinating hip-hop with cumbia and salsa music feels like a more natural progression. The sound of boom-bap and turntable scratches doesn't feel out of place amongst the horns and cumbia rhythms. On this night, Zeale had other commitments so local emcee Tray God stood in for him.

Filmed on January 22, 2009 at The Parish. Click here to watch the episode in three parts on MySpace.

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