Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update: Crazed Built By Snow Fan

Holy crap! That crazed Built By Snow fan elChadorado (now simply known as elChado) has accepted my MySpace friend request. Awesome. He was even nice enough to write a 150-word semi-kinda apology in the comment section of my MySpace blog page, although it's mostly just an attack on Austin rock band Seaflea. Behold:

I have officially decided to accept Nites, music blog & videos into my life. Please don't send the two large Italians in the Black Audi back to my house, I've learned my lesson. As for Todd, you should read the original letter closer, and frown in the realization that you are an complete idiot. My letter had nothing to do with forcing a band to do anything, I actually give bands that request an invite a listen. Speaking of which, recently my interest was sparked when I learned of a Band called "Seaflea". After .45 seconds of listening to their Hit "Warn you with a whisper" the Fire Department had to talk me off the 17th floor fire escape. Seaflea DEFINES mediocrity!! It's truly hard to find a way to go on after such a horrifically graphic audible experience.
Thank GOD they had a copy of Built by Snow's latest album "Mega" on hand!

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The Peen Scene said...

bringin' haters to their knees!