Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MP3: Peoplefood

peoplefoodMost of the time, those three slash-separated sub-genre tags you see below a band's name on MySpace are arbitrary and don't help describe the band's sound or vibe or essence. Which is why many smartass Austin bands choose cheeky categories like Crunk, Melodramatic Popular Song, or the always amusing Japanese Classic Music. But in the case of the year-old band Peoplefood, you find the word "soul" sandwiched between the cliched "indie" and the goes-without-saying "rock" tags. I noticed the word soul after having listened to three of their songs and I thought YES! This is soul music. Not in the gospel-R&B Motown sense of the word. But in that there's a feeling of life experience and sincerity imbued in these songs. Listen to "Losing Sleep" on MySpace and you'll know what Coldplay would sound like if Coldplay had a soul. Then listen to the song below (or download and listen later). "What We're Not" has that same laidback yet restless-soul quality that made Jeff Buckley's limited output so compelling. I'm not saying these guys are on that same level, but at least the few songs I've heard definitely display a tasteful sense of experience, dissatisfaction, and a need to push for something better. Call it uneasy listening.

"What We're Not"

download [right-click, save]

I haven't seen Peoplefood live yet, but they play Wednesday (March 4)
at Emo's,and March 14 at Trophy's. I'll have to see if their live show
lives up to the promise of their EP. Here's hoping.

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