Monday, March 30, 2009

Episode#28: Stereo Is A Lie

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nites28Former IV Thieves singer/guitarist Glynn Wedgewood launched Stereo Is A Lie last November with four like-minded Austin music veterans. I was at that first show and I wouldn't have known it was their first if they hadn't said so. These dudes came out of the box in mostly top form, a result of their combined experience and work ethic. Stereo Is A Lie has a knack for big arena-ready hooks, with a sound that tastefully blends classic rock influences with a more modern alternative sound. They're still flying under the radar because they're so new, but don't expect that to last too long. Stereo Is A Lie is bound to get lots of attention for the manic stage energy and tight live performances.

Filmed at Stubb's BBQ on February 26, 2009. Visit MySpace to watch this episode in three parts, including the songs "Look At Yourself", "We're Done", and "Last Call".

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