Saturday, March 21, 2009

Episode#26: New Year's at Beauty Bar

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nites26The bar everyone loves to hate played host to a trio of 1960s garage-rock revivalists on New Year's Eve. There was a remarkably low amount of hipsters at this show. Mostly, it was your New Year's party crowd wanting to get down to retro tunes. The show was headlined by The Strange Boys, who recently filmed an episode of Dell Lounge's Dead Venues Live. Opening spots went to rock 'n roll veterans The Ugly Beats and newcomers Dans La Lune (who recently changed their name to The Minx Reaction). The hot go-go dancers were a very nice touch (thank the show's promoter Lucy The Poodle for that). Say what you will about Beauty Bar, but they always pack the house on weekends and holidays. They must be doing something right. It's not just hipsters snorting coke in the men's room. This place brings the goods musically, most of the time.

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