Sunday, March 15, 2009

Episode#24: Bankrupt and the Borrowers

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nites24Next time you're in line at Whole Foods, pick up the March issue of Austin Monthly and flip to page 87. There you'll find the name Bankrupt and the Borrowers listed at #5 among the top-nine Austin bands to watch in 2009. The Borrowers had a prolific '08 and judging by the MySpace calendar, their '09 will be all kinds of epic. They've already played as many shows in three months as most Austin bands play in a year. Plus they've all got side projects (The Bread, Consider The Source, Dexter Grigsby, solo work). And they're touring the Northeast and Midwest in the summer, followed by an autumn tour of the West Coast. Basically, these dudes are music whores.

Filmed: December 10, 2008
Venue: Momo's Club
Watch in parts: "Home" / "Katie Anne" / "Holden Caulfield" / "Lavinia"

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