Saturday, February 14, 2009

MP3 Saturday: Anti-Valentine's Day Edition

This being Valentine's Day, I thought I'd spread some free mp3 love.
But that's where the warm feelings stop, because these songs are
anti-Valentine's Day treats: songs are about heartache, failure,
and random acts of violence. Good times!

kimberlySong: "Roses"
About a year-and-a-half ago, One-Eyed Doll's Kimberly Freeman got into some trouble with the law. Outside of the Red Blood Club in Dallas, skinheads were hassling our gal, telling her to lift her skirt. But Ms. Freeman wasn't having it and she grabbed a vase of roses and smashed one of 'em over the head with said vase. The cops showed and Kimberly was charged with assault. As she said in this interview, Kimberly wrote a song about the ordeal and called it "Roses". See One-Eyed Doll tonight at midnight at Room 710.

Download (right click, save)

YKCCSong: "These Things"
Everything is falling apart, exclaims Your Kisses Cause Crashes frontman Andy Kaminski, as a beat made for marching into battle rattles behind him. That's just the way these things are, he says. This song exudes a grandiose but uplifting and poppy wall-of-sound style. It won't save your crumbling relationship, but it will add a pretty kick ass soundtrack to the drama. Come see Your Kisses tonight at Club de Ville (11pm). It's their EP release show. This song and four others are available on their debut disc titled Deer In Headlights. Also, watch my exclusive live video of Your Kisses.

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oboesSong: "Violand"
I briefly mentioned this song last week as part of my review of Haunting Oboe Music's epic 12-EPs-in-one-year project. It's three minutes of the same heartbreaking line repeated over and over: Don't you run away. Somehow I find this song more uplifting than depressing. It starts slow, with organ and piano, followed by the gradual introduction of a nimble beat and a violin sample. But the frenetic beat that kicks in 90 seconds in brings the song to life. I don't suspect this song will ever be played live, but it's a great rainy-day-at-home track.

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If you like these songs, support the artists.
- "Roses" is available on One-Eyed Doll's CD titled Monster. Buy it here (opens in new window).
- Your Kisses' debut Deer In Headlights is available at Waterloo Records in Austin.
- Buy Haunting Oboe Music's February EP on iTunes or at Waterloo Records.