Friday, February 20, 2009

Episode#21: Zlam Dunk

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nites21It's true. I can't stop thinking about Zlam Dunk. And neither will you once you witness the spectacle in person. Ironic that this is episode 21, because some of the dudes in this seven-man band haven't reached the legal drinking age yet. So instead of beer, I'm guessing they chug caffeine and energy drinks to produce their brand of dance-punk (or D-unk, as they call it). Zlam is the wired ultra-hyper little step-brother Clap!Clap! never had.

Filmed: Nov. 15, 2008
Venue: Dirty Dog Bar

1. Ocean of '74
2. Top Gun
3. 88
4. Aw Ratz

Sat. 2/21 at Triple Crown (San Marcos, TX)
Sat. 2/28 at Emo's Austin
Fri. 3/6 at Harmony Sweet (New Braunfels, TX)
Sat. 3/7 at Java Jazz (Houston, TX)