Monday, February 9, 2009

Episode#18: Haunting Oboe Music

Following in the tradition of weird/loud/experimental Austin bands with two drummers (Butthole Surfers, Trail of Dead), there comes Haunting Oboe Music, a quintet whose sound is all over the place on record but whose live sound is pretty consistent in terms of mood and style. This week's episode is different than most. First, it takes place in a studio, not a bar or live venue. The Oboes were invited to play KVRX's Local Live on the University of Texas campus. Secondly, I had a second cameraman helping me capture the show. Prayer For Animals bassist Jeremy Jenkins brought along his Canon GL2 to make my job a easier. And third, I decided to have a little fun with color correction in the editing room. That the Oboes managed to fit any live shows into their busy 2008 schedule is amazing. The band recorded and released 12 EPs in 12 months. This was also one of trumpet player Jonathan Rudd's last shows before quitting the band. The Oboes are taking a break from shows until South By Southwest. In the mean time they're practicing a ton of new live material.

Filmed on October 19, 2008
Venue: Local Live at KVRX Studios on the University of Texas campus.
Songs: "Killer Meets The Queen" / "Hawkins" / "Slavery In Space"
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Haunting Oboe 101
I wrote a review last week of Haunting Oboe Music and their ambitious 12-EP project. I tried to convey the sound and mood of each, but words aren't always enough. So... I picked 10 of my favorite songs spanning the year and put together this little low-budget sampler using Windows Movie Maker.


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