Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where You Can Find 'Nites

This is kind of a roundup of all the different sites that 'Nites uses for video-hosting, promotions, and whatnot. If you know of any good sites for music and video promotions or video-hosting, let me know. I'm always looking for ways to improve content delivery.


Now, and for the foreseeable future, the primary hosting site for 'Nites videos. Anyone can embed these videos at any size. This is the best quality video-hosting I've seen, next to ExposureRoom. The embeds are also the sleekest I've seen.

ExposureRoom was the primary host of 'Nites videos in 2008, but this site has several drawbacks. First, embedding is kind of tricky. You can't do it directly from watching the video, like you can with Vimeo. Also, it only allows you to embed at two default sizes. The file size compression is also not as efficient as Vimeo, leading to longer download times than Vimeo.

I post rough cuts of songs here. This is the first place to see 'Nites footage before it ends up as an edited episode on Vimeo or elsewhere.

This was the first video site I ever used, but the quality just wasn't up to snuff, so this page is kind of dead. I'm thinking of bringing it back, though, for miscellaneous uses. We'll see.

A non-profit podcasting site. All audio from MP3 Monday will be hosted here.


All the bands are here, so 'Nites is too. I also post episode parts and other exclusive videos here. The video quality is surprisingly good. Better than Youtube (which isn't saying much, but still).

As the adults abandon MySpace and flock toward Facebook, it becomes necessary to go where the people are.

This site is popular with iPhone users and other mobile internet users because it has a minimalistic design and function as well as the ability to deliver timely, important information.

A comprehensive concert and event calendar system all about Austin nightlife. Very useful. They were even kind enough to design me a calendar widget (see right column).

I think that's it.


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