Thursday, January 15, 2009

Red 7 Re-birthday

Punk rock, beer, and skee ball. Have I got your attention? If you've been to Red 7 in the past couple of months you may have noticed changes popping up here and there. Different sign out front. Fresh paint jobs. Stuff like that. Turns out they were working on a complete redesign of the place. Tonight is the soft opening of the redesigned Red 7, complete with an always-free "punk-rock wreck room". This includes skee ball, pool tables, air hockey, and vintage arcade games. I'm most excited about the pool tables, honestly. I love me some 8-ball, but only two Red River venues have pool tables. Room 710, which I don't frequent often. And Red Eyed Fly, which is a chill spot but unfortunately the pool tables are practically up against the wall, killing off a bunch of angles. It's also Transmission Entertainment founder Graham Williams' birthday. He'll be hanging out. If you enjoyed even one show at Free Week last week, you have this man to thank. Come check out one of Austin's best up-and-coming music venues.


JeremyJ said...

I always thought this place had a lot of potential, I'm glad to hear they're changing some things up around there.

Free skee ball too?
Fuckin' forget about it.