Saturday, January 24, 2009

Music Video: SNAFU Kitties - "Nerve"

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A narrative music video for the band SNAFU Kitties. Half of this video is composed from live footage taken at a Sept. 2008 show at Emo's Austin. The other half is public domain footage from a 1958 USC student film called "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?" Click here to watch the original short film.

This is my second music video, though it's being released before the first. Odd, I know. This video kinda came together accidentally. I had technical difficulties with a live shoot of this band, leaving me with unusable live audio. Never did anything with the footage, until I was combing the Prelinger Archives and found a nifty black-n-white video that I thought matched the song tonally and thematically. So I mashed it all together in a few hours. Despite the ease with which it all came together, the song and video do match up to tell a story, if you watch carefully. It's not just random clips meant to fill time.

SNAFU Kitties play this Friday (1/30) at Hole In The Wall with local pop-rockers Sheboygan.

Watch a live video of SNAFU Kitties at the Parish.