Thursday, January 1, 2009

Music Venues: Sixth Street

This is the party district, and probably Austin's most recognized piece of real estate, aside from the Capitol or the University of Texas. Sixth, also known as Old Pecan Street, features a multitude of shot bars, dance clubs, pubs, and live music venues. Basically, this is where 20-somethings go to get wasted. Every weekend, Sixth Street is barricaded off from auto traffic and becomes a pedestrian only street starting around 10 or 11pm until the bars close at 2. Sixth also plays host to the biannual Pecan Street Festival. Be sure to try the bratwurst from the street vendors. It's delicious, especially with several beers in you.

Alamo Ritz | 320 E. Sixth Street
B.D. Riley's Irish Pub | 204 E. Sixth St
Bourbon Rocks | 508 E. Sixth St
Dirty Dog Bar | 505 E. Sixth St
Esther's Follies | 525 E. Sixth St
Flamingo Cantina | 515 E. Sixth St
Friends Bar | 208 E. Sixth St
Lair/Ivory Cat Tavern | 300 E. Sixth St
Maggie Mae's | 323 E. Sixth St
Parish | 214 E. Sixth St
Pete's Dueling Piano Bar | 421 E. Sixth St