Monday, January 12, 2009

MP3 Monday: Upper Echelon, Neiliyo, and Prayer For Animals

Artist: The Upper Echelon | Upcoming shows: 1/21 @ Mohawk + 2/5 @ Momo's

upper echelon"Mommy's Little Girl" is about a week I spent in Venice with a wonderful redhead. Every time I sing it I imagine the room off the piazza, the narrow cobblestone streets, the grand canal at night, and the way her hair bounced when she walked the city with me.
-- Jeff Hauger, guitar/vocals

The Upper Echelon is the acoustic guitar-strumming sibling duo of Joe Willie and Jeff Hauger. The two play sleepy, melodic folk songs that sound at home on your porch on an autumn afternoon with golden hour sunlight bathing a landscape of red leaves and dirt roads. It's easy to get lost in the dreamlike wall-of-sound they create, but don't overlook the lyrics; you might hear a Dead Kennedys or Sex Pistols cover thrown in. The Upper Echelon come from a punk rock past and have no trouble melding it with their country present. And it works. "Mommy's Little Girl" is an original.

Venetian Mask
Hiding behind your curls

Your Mommy's little girl

Got a little hotel
Right across the street from church

Your Mommy's little girl

Sexy little red dress
Wear it all over town

Your Mommy's little girl

Download Mommy's Little Girl

Artist: Prayer For Animals | Upcoming shows: 1/22 @ Hole In The Wall + 1/24 @ Light Bar

prayer for animalsPrayer For Animals is one of the best bands in Austin, frankly. They're an air-tight live band with aggressive on-stage energy. Their timeless sound is an organic blend of surf, blues, country, and psychedelic rock. They sound HUGE live, but the problem was their recorded material never reflected that. Well, PFA just added two new songs to their MySpace page from their upcoming album Swell. They've been recording for a year, and while nothing beats a live show, this song sounds pretty damn good.

hot-shot ladies winning games of their own design
hot-lipped women keeping secrets to themselves
businessmen shining all their trophies on their desks
don't you ever ever ever ever ever hide your light

there are so many dangerous stallions
over the mountain and coming round it
justice done crept off, tail between legs
tell them, tell them it will bear no fruit
o boy, let 'em let'em let 'em let 'em put their hands on you (o boy fingers through your hair)

don't let little things fuck up the grand design
just keep keeping your secrets to yourself
tiny codes of information hiding in molecules of dust
don't you ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever
ever everevereverevereveerevereverever hide your light

let's break in these horses
let's break in these horses
let's break in these horses
let's break in these horses

Artist: Neiliyo | Upcoming shows: 1/17 @ Beauty Bar + 2/7 @ Emo's

neiliyoThis is a repost from a few weeks ago, but it's timely. This Saturday is charismatic one-man electro-funk band Neiliyo's mixtape release show at Beauty Bar, with Car Stereo (Wars), the mashup-track dance DJ extraordinaire. Copywriting 101, the mixtape in question, is Neiliyo's first release and it brings plenty of danceable beats, chuckle-worthy lyrics, and more samples than you're likely to recognize in one sitting.

Download Copywriting 101
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Neiliyo is so good it breaks my brains!