Sunday, January 4, 2009

MP3 Monday: "Unbelievable Party! Cool"

Artist: SuperLiteBike | Upcoming shows: 1/4 @ Beauty Bar + 1/7 @ Red 7

SuperLiteBike is so new they haven't played their first show yet. But if the music sounds familiar, that's because one month ago (and for the last five years) SuperLiteBike was known as A Pocketful of Deng (featured on 'Nites a few months back). A member of the band left in November, and caused the four remaining players to consider the band's future. Their music had taken a noticeable direction shift in recent history. They soon added a keyboardist/guitarist, not necessarily as a direct replacement; the member who left played harmonica, mostly. New sound, new members, new year. They decided a new name would be appropriate, as they were no longer A Pocketful of Deng. They'd evolved. Become lighter and swifter and more confident. Like a super-lite bike, I guess. They have three demo songs on their MySpace page. This download is one of them.

SuperLiteBike says...
This song is about knowing the difference between the things you want and the things you need. I don't really like to give my interpretation of my own song because I think music takes on a different meaning for each person. This song definitely wrote itself, meaning all the inspiration for it came from it. All this stemmed from the opening bassline of course. The bassline really allows for stacking other instruments and seems to create a lot of syncopation, which I think creates a cool groove.

-- Patrick Husband, vocals/lyrics

Download "Unbelievable Party! Cool." (SendSpace)

It's not that you want 'em
It's just we see that you got 'em
And now we can't live without 'em
Because we've done that before

Travel all over the world
In search of the causes of love
Talk to the specialists there
But nobody knows

You want one too
But try not to bite off more than you
can chew
You take one and if it don't cost a ton
You take another one
Just for fun

It's not that you want 'em
It's just we see that you got 'em
And now we cant live without 'em
Because we've done that before

Dig to the bottom
And as we take one and pass 'em
From person to person
Just like a hot potato

One for the money
Two for the truth
Three to get ready to burn my hand

Open your mind for free
And as you watch that temperature
risin' baby
Feel my soul reach out for you

I say its a beatiful day
Can you please come my way
Can you please come now

Unbelievable particle...

Hey kid
Head on straight
Head on straight

Hey kid keep your head on straight
Head on straight


Anonymous said...

round high yeah buzzards fly
wonder what they're thinkin' bout
oooh yeah gotta let them down.

Anonymous said...

Hickory Dickory Dock
OH look there is a Clock
What does it mean?
I don't know but the buzzards fly
It's time to go