Monday, January 19, 2009

MP3 Monday: Built By Snow, SNAFU Kitties, Prayer For Animals

Artist: Built By Snow | Upcoming shows: 1/24 @ Club de Ville + 2/4 @ Creekside + 2/25 @ Emo's

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built by snowBuilt By Snow has claimed the title of first great album of 2009. MEGA, which officially drops tomorrow and is followed by a CD release party on Saturday, is a super-catchy and fun album full of 8-bit Nintendo sounds, hand-claps, and anthemic choruses. I've included my favorite song from the album here, "All the Weird Kids Know". I haven't had this same zeitgeist-capturing feeling from a song since Spoon's "The Underdog". It just feels like the right song at the right time, if that makes sense. Read a mini-Q&A below with J.P., lead singer and guitarist for Built By Snow.

'NITES: What brand/model of keyboard is used in All The Weird Kids Know?
JP: Alesis Micron. We almost recorded it with a Moog Little Phatty, but surprisingly that little Micron nailed the sound better than anything else we tried.

'NITES: Are the lyrics about a specific person or event in your life?
JP: I got the idea after I saw a story in The Onion with the headline "Weird Kid Shines During Frog Dissection." I remember feeling like one of the weird kids and having that awkwardness around girls when I was growing up. Watching someone from across the room, and how powerful the attraction could be... it could really screw with your mind. I would feel so dorky with big plastic glasses on, and the girl would look so cool whatever she was wearing. Girls just seemed so unattainable, they made my brain slow down. Then I realized that a lot of the girls were probably feeling the same way I was back then, so our brains could slow down together and everything would be fine.

'NITES: Are those real hand-claps?
JP: Yeah, those are real hand-claps... layers and layers of them. People have told us they sound like synthetic claps, but my palms disagree. When I was finished clapping, I couldn't feel my hands for a day.

'NITES: What's your best score in Pacman?
JP: I think it's around 28,000. I couldn't concentrate enough to break any records.

By the way, you can play Pacman for free by clicking here. So addictive (like this song).

LYRICS for All The Weird Kids Know
Oh with your red jacket on
You drain me through
Oh I should bury my mind
and forget about you
But you got some strange powers over me
Changing minutes of my memory
Just like Pacman my brain eats beats
and takes it slow so slow
Lets take it slow slow slow slow slow

All the weird kids know
How to take it slow
So lets take it slow

Yeah with my plastic glasses on
I don't care a care a care at all
It's an attraction magnet
and it keeps pulling both of us apart

I'm a weird kid so
Come with me let's go!

All the weird girls know
All the weird guys know
Let's take it slow

Artist: SNAFU Kitties | Upcoming shows: TONIGHT 1/19 @ Beauty Bar + 1/30 @ Hole In The Wall

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snafu kittiesThis is one of those songs that has the ability to get stuck in your head and never want to leave. Maybe it's that punchy piano line or the lyrics that alternate between quirky (I got a degree, son, so don't argue with me!) and introspective (I don't think you realize that we're all going to die), but something about this song is just so right. I spent most of my summer listening to it first thing on the early-morning drive to work. Catch SNAFU Kitties tonight at Beauty Bar.

From the band...
Mail Anthem is about wading through a world that is suddenly full of too much information. It's a tragedy when people get bogged down in public drama and forget to live their own lives. On that note... cry! Ha ha.
-- Jessie England, lyrics/vocals/piano

LYRICS for Mail Anthem
I can tell right now
Nothing changes by itself.
Since the day I left
My rabbit's hole, my small town.

I'd love to come out and play, but
I have to answer all this mail.
There's so much!
I always think , I'll just rip it up
And you can follow my paper trail.

Everyday you become an octopus
With a letter in each tentacle.
All must be read, as to a child
While the voice remains kind and mild.

I don't think you realize
That we're all going to die.
Electric visions ease the pain,
But there's just too much mail
For one more life.

I gave the good people
All my information
Want to start a small business
And make the product real fun.
Yeah, I got a degree, son!
So, don't argue with me.
You'll get your mouth full of commission.

But the people look east, and
What do you know?
I've got mail sliding through
The cracks in the door.
Phone mail, E-Mail, Alpha Male
Don't you dare
If you're too cool to care

Then stand up!
Break the code of mellow mods.
If your life is peachy and you're happy
To be where you are,
Freak out to demonstrate
That you understand
We are the next generation of the man.

Artist: Prayer For Animals | Upcoming shows: 1/22 @ Hole In The Wall + 2/10 @ Emo's

prayer for animalsThis is the second of two new tracks from Prayer For Animals. They're playing a pair of shows this week, so don't miss out on one of the best live bands in town. Prayer For Animals brings a timeless sound that's an organic blend of surf, blues, country, and psychedelic rock. They sound HUGE live and bring heaps of energy.


Ajay Miranda said...

SNAFU Kitties were AWESOME last night. Don't sleep on this band. They're amazing. Next show: 1/30 at Hole In The Wall.