Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interview#1: One-Eyed Doll [repost]

This is a repost of an interview with Kimberly Freeman of Austin alternative/metal duo One-Eyed Doll. The interview took place outside of Red Eyed Fly on September 12, 2008. 'Nites will return with new videos a week from today. Think of this as a very obvious hint of what's coming seven days from now. Here's the original write-up:
This interview took place outside of Red-Eyed Fly just before what was supposed to be One-Eyed Doll's going-away show. The duo was set to embark on its first UK tour, scheduled to last all of October. Well, it seems Kimberly and PJ were detained in an airport in England for 12 hours before finally learning they wouldn't be allowed to enter the country. The tour was canceled. I learned this fact just after I finished uploading the video. Sad. Kimberly and PJ are honest, hard-working folks, so it always sucks whenever bad crap happens to good people. Please, if you like what you see and hear in this interview, go to One-Eyed Doll's Myspace page and buy the old album Hole (only $7) and pre-order the new album Monster. I've been around many musicians and I've never seen anyone so genuinely interested in and affectionate toward fans as Kimberly Freeman. She always seems to have time (and a hug) for each fan. It's really inspiring to watch.