Sunday, January 4, 2009

Free Week 2009: Pick of the Night, Sun 1/4

Saturday Recap
Riverboat Gamblers were alright. If you didn't stick around for Bankrupt and the Borrowers, you're an asshole.

Tonight's Picks
I'm calling this Psychedelic Sunday because of the diverse array of psych on display today. Eh. SuperLiteBike play their first show as SuperLiteBike, at Beauty Bar. The psych/alt-rock quintet was previously known as A Pocketful of Deng (see 'Nites episode #1). But a new band member, new songs, and a new year added up to a new name being in order. And while SuperLiteBike flirts with psychedelia, The Tunnels make sweaty lava-lamp-lit love to it, channeling hometown heroes and '60s psych pioneers the 13th Floor Elevators as strongly as anyone. The Tunnels play Emo's outdoor stage with Woven Bones and Christian Bland of The Black Angels (both featured in 'Nites episode #9). But if you like your psychedelia less grimy and garagy and more bluesy and intricate, check out Prayer For Animals at Emo's indoor stage. Their sound is large and likely to make you sway, but just as you drift away on PFA's bluesy surf-tinged guitar licks, they bring you back to shore with a loud/fast burst of kick-you-in-the-face rock that owes more to the punks than the hippies. See ya there.