Monday, December 29, 2008

MP3 Monday: "Copywriting 101: The Mixtape"

Artist: Neiliyo | Upcoming shows: 1/7 @ Beauty Bar + 1/17 @ Beauty Bar (mixtape release show)

The first time I saw Neiliyo live, I had two thoughts. One: Hey, isn't that the ex-guitarist from Prom Nite? And two: Holy crap, this is the most amazing thing ever! Neiliyo's show is a relentless 30-minute one-man electro-dance-funk assault. Give him a Macbook, a guitar, and a room full of unsuspecting Hole In The Wall patrons, and he'll give you the most entertainment you're likely to accidentally stumble upon on a Thursday night. Watching him snatch a random woman's handbag right off her table mid-song and start singing lyrics like "I got your purse, I got your purse" as he waved it in front of her to heavy beats and synth lines straight out of '95 was priceless. Then he pestered the newspaper-reading bouncer. "What's going on this weekend?" Neiliyo sung into his mic while poking at the paper with his free hand. The regulars at Hole In The Wall had no idea what they were witnessing, but they loved it. At the end of his set, Neiliyo (who was a last-minute fill-in) thanked the crowd and proclaimed "My show is 50% music, 50% charisma," which elicited a laugh from the crowd. As he unplugged his guitar, the room started chanting "One more, one more!" He looked surprised, but he gave the people what they wanted and browsed his laptop for another track to play. This was a true encore situation, not one of those fake encores you see at roadshows where the band plays its "last song", then walks off stage, counts to 30, and walks back on triumphantly (whether the crowd was cheering or not). This was refreshing, and Neiliyo was fresh to death on that night.

Copywriting 101 is Neiliyo's first official release, a 28-minute song cycle that flows seamlessly between two-minute ponderings. If you're wondering about the name, it has something to do with the source material for the beats: chopped and screwed versions of techno songs you likely danced awkwardly to at your junior high prom. My favorite song is a stream-of-consciousness rant about relationships called "I Can't Date". He lists random traits that pay off comedically when he names the last trait in the series. Example: "Parents, interests, hobbies, age. Didn't you read my Facebook page? I can't date." Near CW101's end, Neiliyo brings us closer to the present with a take on Lil Wayne's "A Milli". A Neili, a Neili, a Neili, a Neili-oh-oh! Cookin' up tracks and beats is all I know-know! There's an element of humor and self-deprecation to what Neiliyo does, but at its core this is really fun party music. Making his first release a spontaneous-sounding 28-minute mashup track was a wise move; it's representative of his live show. Kitschy, but super-fun.

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