Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Episode#14: Kari K

This was the second show ever for singer-songwriter Kari K's new band, appropriately named The Kari K Band. And as Murphy's Law would have it, a ton of technical difficulties accompanied their Parish debut -- broken acoustic strings, broken electric guitar strings, forgotten lyrics. It happens. Kari, a native San Antonian and a veteran of coffee-shop croonin', has infectious energy on stage. She clearly enjoys her gig and has a smooth self-deprecating sense of humor to rescue those detour moments of string repair. Bassist Jonny Dub has trouble standing still for too long, which is a good instinct for a bass player (it is the rhythm section, after all). Check out Kari K in a city near you: She's playing San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Houston in the next six weeks. No reason to miss out!

Filmed on October 5, 2008
Venue: The Parish on 6th St.
Songs: "Blister in the Sun" [Violent Femmes cover] / "This Way" / "The Bartender Song" / new song

If you have a slow internet connection, click here to watch the episode in four parts.