Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mixtape#1: Hole In The Wall

Mixtape#01: Hole In The Wall By Ajay Miranda
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Every once in a while (like during holidays and whatnot), 'Nites will post a short grab bag of songs by different bands instead of a full episode. To keep things fresh, the mixes will feature songs that didn't make it into an episode. Like any good mixtape (and I hope I'm not the only child of the '90s here who passed around mixtapes), each one will have a connecting theme. The inaugural mixtape focuses on the Hole In The Wall, the bar/venue located across the street from the University of Texas campus. I'm spending Thanksgiving night at the Hole, rockin' out to the best East Cameron has to offer, so it seems like an appropriate theme. The final song on this mix is by Prom Nite, a band that didn't get a full episode here, not through any fault of their own but because I consistently kept hitting the pause-record button during their set when I meant to hit zoom, leaving me with a bunch of fragments of songs. Yeah. Lay off the booze while you're trying to be a professional videographer, kids. The two other bands I filmed that night, Peel and iKiLLCaRS, fared better thankfully.

1. Bankrupt and the Borrowers - "Holden Caulfield At Age 35"
2. iKiLLCaRS - "Butcher's Block"
3. Prom Nite - "Where Is It? There Is It"