Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update: Big changes, literally

I haven't been happy with Blip.TV's compression of my videos. The colors look washed out and the videos have a general blurry look to them. Then I recently discovered Exposure Room and I'm totally smitten with the compression quality on that website. Only problem is, you can only embed in 3 sizes: HD, 640x360, and something in the 300s (i.e. really small). I'm making the switch from Blip to Exposure Room, but that means I have to embed either really big videos or really small. So I'm erring on the side of BIG (this is Texas after all). So starting this weekend, all videos on 'NITES will be embedded at 640x360 instead of the current 400x256. The Exposure Room videos will look much clearer and more vivid, hopefully doing greater justice to the performers. I hope your computer's resolution is better than 800x600, otherwise the new 'NITES will overpower your screen.