Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Episode#9: Andrew Burr and Christian Bland

Reverb, distortion, and feedback -- oh my! This week 'NITES drops a 30-microgram dosage of Texas psych on your tongue, complete with thundering tribal beats and trance-inducing guitar licks courtesy of frequent collaborators Andrew Burr (Woven Bones) and Christian Bland (The Black Angels). The set was evenly split between solo material from Bland and Burr. Woven Bones is Burr's solo project, which has grown to a regular 3-piece band since this episode was filmed. Christian Bland, of course, plays lead guitar for one of Austin's best bands (and easily a top-3 favorite of mine)... The Black Angels. If you haven't listened to The Black Angels, do so now (or after watching this video, I guess). There is a growing revival of psychedelia in Austin, led by the Angels and harking back to the late '60s and the Texas psych pioneers 13th Floor Elevators. Bland's Black Angels happen to be touring right now with Roky Erickson, guitarist and songwriter for 13th Floor Elevators. Good times.

Filmed September 13, 2008 at Beerland on Red River, between 7th St and 8th St.

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