Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Episode#8: The Ugly Beats

If you don't have fun at an Ugly Beats show, you might actually be incapable of having fun. Seriously. We all know Austin is home to its share of experimental post-everything indie bands with large crowds of arms-folded, blank-faced late-twenty-somethings (that I assure you are enjoying the music, despite the complete lack of emotion). The Ugly Beats are not that. This band is a full-frontal garage-rock assault on your senses and sensibilities. They're totally retro yet utterly fresh. The template for their sound is obvious: garage-rock from the mid-to-late 1960s. It's been done, but few bands do it as well, with as much confidence and raw energy and happiness as the Beats. I dare you NOT to dance and smile at an Ugly Beats show. I dare you. If you've got any life in you, you will fail, in glorious hip-shaking fashion.

Filmed July 18, 2008 at Beauty Bar Austin on 7th Street, off Red River.

1. "Tell Me"
2. "Light Comes On"
3. "Beeline"
4. "Lost and Found"

Slideshow: "Slow Death"

If you have a slow internet connection, click here to watch in 4 parts.