Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Episode#5: iKiLLCaRS

We're doing things a little differently this week. Instead of one 15-minute episode, 'NITES will upload two 10-minute episodes, featuring two bands filmed at the same show. First we have thundering mid-tempo punk rock from iKiLLCaRS (yes, that's the official spelling). The trio lists its influences as "trainwrecks, car crashes, and other audible catastrophes". Yeah, that sounds about right. Speaking of wrecks and crashes, this set delivers one of the best finishes I've seen in, well, a long time. Trust me. Also, check back on Thursday for the second episode. And if you're in Austin, iKiLLCaRS plays at Mohawk on Thursday night.

Filmed July 12, 2008 at The Hole In The Wall on Guadalupe St and Dean Keaton.

1. "Hartsfield-Jackson"
2. "Donuts (Make Great Girlfriends)"
3. "Radio Roche"