Friday, September 19, 2008

Update: Technical difficulties

So I filmed 6 bands over the weekend. And now it seems the 6 hours of footage I transferred yesterday might go to waste. BUT not if I can help it.

I'm having audio issues. When I transferred the tapes to computer with Final Cut Pro, the audio from the output files was totally trashed. Just loud static with faint music in the background. But then I transferred at home (with Windows Movie Maker, if you can believe it) and the audio is clear, but lacking any low range. When I plug into my 2.1 speakers, you don't hear a damn thing from the woofer, other than a faint hum. The audio sounds relatively clear from the speakers, but it just lacks the fullness of my previous videos.

It appears the problem is with the source tapes, making the problem unfixable. This means I will either make videos with subpar audio or re-shoot these bands at a later date. I don't know yet. I filmed 6 bands this weekend and only one (Christian Bland) had normal audio.

That's about 5 hours of beautiful video rendered unusable! You've never seen me as miserable as I was today. I punched a wall really hard and my hand kinda hurts (yeah, every dude does this at least once in his adult life).

Moral of the story: I'm getting new audio equipment this weekend. This is ridiculous. The audio for Dans La Lune and Ugly Beats was too loud and muddy and now my audio is quiet and lacking bass. WTF. I'm definitely getting new audio accessories.

Will keep ya posted.

On the bright side: The Octopus Project coming this Tuesday!!! Roo!