Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Episode#4: The Always Already

The Always Already, a post-punk-influenced synth-rock trio, plays music that was made for dancing. For me, a good judge of a band's live show is how into the set the band itself seems. While frontman Dustin Withers maintains the cooly-detached presence of any good post-punker, he still finds himself compelled to shimmy and shake. Bassist Louis Lemuz has trouble standing still for too long, skipping around stage. And drummer Jaime Cano sits behind the kit like an octopus with rhythm. Moral of the story: These dudes enjoy what they're playing on stage, and chances are you will too.

Filmed July 4, 2008 at Beauty Bar Austin on 7th Street, off Red River..

1. "All Night"
2. "That Mistake"
3. untitled song
4. "Carnival"