Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Episode#3: The Octopus Project

Describing The Octopus Project's sound is a bit difficult. It's electronic, but it ain't electronica. It's not quite rock, but it ain't post-rock. It's really upbeat and poppy, but to call it pop would be oversimplifying it. Luckily, 'NITES has 16 minutes of Octopus Project video this week so you can judge for yourself. The OP played an amazingly colorful Fourth of July BBQ show at Beauty Bar, complete with wading pools, cute girls, and a strange man walking around in tighty-whities and a cowboy hat (who only makes a Where's-Waldo-like cameo in this video, around the 4:20 mark, appropriately enough). Keep it weird, folks. Also, the OP is playing ACL Fest this weekend!

Filmed July 4, 2008 at Beauty Bar Austin on 7th Street, off Red River..

1. "An Evening with Rthrtha"
2. "Music Is Happiness"
3. "Truck"
4. "Vanishing Lessons"


Joe said...

Ajay (or is it A.J.?) --

I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am and it's great seeing you using your gifts, talents and abilities in the Greatest City in the World, Austin, TX.

Keep it up and, while you're at it, go see Wendy Colonna perform when she's in town. Maybe she'll let you film her. She's awesome and incredible.

Take care my friend and blessings.

Grace and peace,

Joe Rutland
Laredo, TX (just moved back down from Austin) ....