Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Episode#1: A Pocketful of Deng

Welcome to the very first episode of 'Nites, ladies and gentlemen. This one's a whopping 22 minutes of A Pocketful of Deng getting groovy and psychedelic at The Mohawk on 10th Street and Red River. This show was epic. Patrick, the lead singer, shakes and dances like a man possessed. The rhythm section and lead guitarist know how to methodically build to big crescendos, as displayed in the song "Let's See A Jet Plane". And who doesn't love afros and shiny gold jackets? Also featured in this episode: a hyper-manic walk to Sixth Street and a chalk artist who calls herself Kimchi and uses the world (or at least the sidewalk) as her canvas.

Filmed July 3, 2008 at Mohawk Austin on 10th St and Red River.

1. "That's A Lot of Adhesive"
2. "Raise the Colors"
3. "Such Magic Potion"
4. "Let's See A Jet Plane"